Someone posted a false review about my business on local. How can I get it removed?


The reviewer’s name does not appear anywhere in our customer database.

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The reviewer’s name does not appear anywhere in your customer database. If they haven’t bought from you or used your service, there is a good chance their review may not be legitimate.

1st Step: Don’t panic when you saw a new 1-star review. Take a deep breath and read that review carefully.

Think about these 4 questions: Is this review from your competitor or a real Customer? What makes the Customer unsatisfied? Did he/she say anything against Google Terms of Service? What’s wrong with this review?

If not, please reply to that review immediately to show your proactive customer service. Then quickly move to the last step. We offering fake reviews removal service. Our review removal success rate is about 50%. If We didn’t manage to get your bad review removed after 29 days, I will refund you. Get in touch with our Bad Reviews Removal Service via our quote form to discuss the right package for you.

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