Negative Google Autocomplete Removal


Every time a person types in the keyword phrase you choose, they will see you before they see any of your competition.

Usually, if you search your business name in Google, it will suggest ‘reviews’, ‘twitter’ ‘ facebook’, your location or a keyword to do with your business after your main search. However, if there is negative content online about you Google may incorporate that into their Google Suggest function. Instead of ‘reviews’ or ‘NYC’ or ‘twitter’ coming up after your business name, words like ‘scam’ ‘complaints’ or ‘refund’ will show up. This can attract attention to the pages showing up for these searches increasing the number of visitors the negative pages receive. This increases the damage these pages cause.

We offer a Google Suggest repair service designed to remove the negative suggested searches for your name. We will remove any negative Google Autosuggest result from the drop-down menu. We will discuss your needs, analyze your drop-down menu results, and put together a proposal for you. Request a quote by filling out the contact form.