Content Removal Requests

If you have been a victim of cyberbullying, online abuse, online defamation, false business reviews, or anything published online that is causing you damage, speak to our Content Removal Detective about a tried and tested solution.

Types of Content Removal :

search results, image results, pirated content, intellectual property infringement, copyright infringement, social media sites, websites and web pages, images and videos, business reviews and app store reviews, image-based abuse, false & defamatory reviews, misleading and deceptive reviews, IP & copyright infringement, cyber abuse, cyber harassment, confidential information, videos and pirated content amongst others.

Quick solutions for your Content Removal issues

Pirated software RemovalPirated Apps Removal
Pirated Music RemovalPirated Movies & Shows Removal
Pirated Artwork RemovalPirated Videos Removal
Pirated Games RemovalRemove Impersonating Accounts
Pirated Photos RemovalRemove & Stop Cyber Abuse
Piracy Books Removal
Copyright & Trademark Infringement
Piracy Ebook RemovalPirated themes and plugins Removal
Hate speech RemovalRemove Pirated Copies of your product

Fake Social Media Accounts, Pages and Content Removal

Facebook pages Removal Twitter Accounts Removal
Facebook Accounts Removal
Linkedin Accounts Removal
Facebook Groups Removal
Instagram Accounts Removal
Youtube channel Removal Youtube Videos Removal
Google My Business Page Removal
Social Media Content Removal

In some cases, motivated individuals create Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Accounts, Youtube Videos, Youtube channel, Instagram Content, Instagram Accounts, Google My Business listing to spread false and highly damaging content about a person or business. Where the content is harmful and factually inaccurate, clients engage us to assist them to remove online content. We are frequently engaged to delete pages/Accounts/Content and/or remove pages from Social Media.

Private personal information Removal

  • Profanity (i.e. strong or vulgar language or content);
  • Obscenities;
  • Hate speech or the like;
  • Obvious instances of pure harassment or bullying;
  • Threats of physical violence or damage to property;
  • Images or information relating to minor children (e.g., pictures that contain images of minor children should be modified to exclude the child/children prior to uploading to the website); or
  • images of child/obscene pornography.
  • Private personal information, which may also be considered sensitive, including, but not limited to:
  • national identification numbers (e.g. U.S. Social Security Number);
  • credit card numbers or related information;
  • bank account numbers;
  • account passwords;
  • full birthdates (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY);
  • home addresses of individuals unless the home is used for business purposes;
  • images that contain signatures (e.g., signatures on letters or contracts should be modified to exclude the signature prior to uploading to the website);

Keeping your assets safe online. Educational Courses, Software Applications, Images & Videos, Computer & Web Source Code, Illustrations & Drawings, e-Books, Advertisements, Blog Text & Sales Copy, Recordings & MP3s, Audio-visual Works and Motion Pictures, Sheet Music, and many more…………

Who Should Use Our Services?

Business Owner, Authors, Online Educators, Software Developers, Victims of Involuntary / Film Makers, Bands & Musicians, Commercial Photographers, Fashion Designers……

We track down and eliminate illegal copies of your assets through our technology platform. This way we minimize the impact it can have on your sales or on the reputation of your brand. Get in touch with our Reputation Management via our quote form to discuss the right package for you.