Cannabis Marketing & SEO

I am working on the business directory for Marijuana Business Owners. My job is to make sure it really provides value for USA Marijuana Business Owners and they will benefit from having a profile there. Obviously, this has to do with how the directory is optimized for search engines.

I would love to hear from you what are the most important factors that make a business directory “high-quality”. (I mean, besides the leads, it can generate, because our directory is still new and hardly have any quality traffic.)

Here is my checklist which I have covered already:

Easy registration – I know that’s important especially for agencies doing citation building in bulk.
No spam and fake profiles – This is especially important for us. For now, we do manual approval for every listing and profile verification is done through a mobile app. (which is way simpler than phone calls, and just as reliable if not even more.)
Content Rich Profile Pages – we want to have as much information as possible in addition to the NAP. Images, short description, long description, categories, website, links to social channels, working hours, etc. (Basically, everything that can be marked with schema)
Structured Data for Marijuana Business- Every piece of information, entered by the Marijuana Business, is properly marked with Schema. This should help Google understand them better.
Structured Data for Reviews and Rating – We use Schema to mark up all the reviews and ratings for each Marijuana Business.
Location pages with static, pretty URLs that Google can crawl and index – this turned out to be particularly hard for someone with no experience but I think I got it right at the end. Especially for search results pages which are generated automatically. For example, when someone searches for “Marijuana Delivery Service in [location]”, etc I want the page that generates to be “/Marijuana Delivery Service.-in-[location]/”. And then, in order for Google to read those pages, I had to link to each and every one of them. The result is that the directory competes for those keywords, not just for the Marijuana Business names Keywords in Titles, Descriptions, URLs, Image alt tags.

Features of our package:

-Real Manual Work-
-Related niche directories
Link Building
Google My Business optimization
Image optimization
Reputation Management
Local Search Optimization
Weedmaps SEO

No Setup Fees
No Lock-In Contract
Monthly Reporting

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