Gaji Sumon Hossain, the founder of the SumoDrive, is an expert in Reputation Management and Creative Local SEO. Sumon founded Specialist Consulting to specifically advise and guide specialists on Local business development and strategies. A professional Business Consultant, Educator and Facilitator with an established industry reputation, he has wide-ranging expertise in designing and delivering consulting services to the Medical, Lawyers, Doctors, Movers, Restaurants, Hotel and Home Services based business industry.

Sumon designs agile business strategies for professionals looking to create achievable options for their business and build demonstrable growth. He has helped over 380 Local businesses clarify, strategize and achieve their business goals across CA, NYC, TX.

In 2013 we began work on Online Reputation and have focused on ORM innovation ever since. In 2015 we combined our Local SEO and Reputation Management platform with an industry leading Social Media Management and Reputation Monitoring platform. The end result is truly one of a kind technology for small businesses.

Improve the reputation of your brand online and also remove all the negative reviews with our quality online reputation management services (ORM). If you operate or manage a business yourself, then you’ve likely received a negative review from an unsatisfied customer. It affects your business and leads to the company’s failure with bad publicity which will eventually lose the trust. We at SumoDrive can manage your business reputation by using innovative marketing ideas and tactics. It is a one of the leading company which provides the help to individual or company to eliminate the negative feedback and bad link from their website. 
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