How to Remove Negative Reviews from Trustpilot?

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Rather than taking Remove Negative Reviews from Trustpilot let’s first understanding, why negative reviews Are important? Most customers check out reviews when they are choosing a business! What are potential customers seeing when they search for your business online? Is it good or bad? (According to Statistics 2016)- “90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.”

For example, the searcher hits “ Pharmapacks ” in Google.

I would like to ask, would you consider this company? Of course No.

One of the most frustrating things is that review sites tend to keep up negative reviews on the first page and higher up in the reviews order. So, Negative reviews can be the deciding factor when potential customers are not sure if they want to buy from you or from a competitor. (According to Statistics)-negative results about your company or product: risk losing 70% of potential customers.

If you own a product based company and have negative Trustpilot online reviews about your product, then you need to handle those reviews in an effective way. If managed the wrong way, these negative reviews can seriously damage your company’s name in the market.

​What I do if we get negative Trustpilot reviews?

You need to respond to your reviews. Responding to the review can help you build your trust between your customer. Negative reviews sometimes are not necessary need to be removed. Instead, you can reply to it to show off good customer service and demonstrate that you care about your customers. Negative reviews are no reason to be panic after all. You can’t please everyone all the time! What you can do is use these Negative reviews in a positive way to learn and improve, build trust as well as fix problems, and win more business.

The review poster can remove the review themselves, so your chance here is to contact the review poster and try to solve their issue.

Besides that, I will suggest you surpass that bad reviews with good reviews. More good reviews can speed up the process of pushing bad reviews to the back of the line and protect your reputation. But, Don’t Buy fake reviews from the internet.

How to Get Reviews with Trustpilot?

You can get more positive reviews to push down the bad reviews from your Trustpilot. Here are some ways for you to get more Trustpilot positive reviews.

  • Review requests automation – Trustpilot automatically sends an email asking your customers to write a review about a company as soon as a new order is made. But, don’t be too pushy about it, people don’t like it. You can ask for it through email or bill.
  • Invitation to past customers – automatically send emails asking customers for reviews to those people who have purchased from a company a while ago.

How can I Remove bad Reviews from Trustpilot?

If a review violates Trustpilot’s User Guidelines, the reviewed company can report it from their business account.

There are 5 reasons for reporting reviews.

  • #1. It’s harmful or illegal
  • #2. It contains personal information
  • #3. It’s advertising or promotional
  • #4. It’s not based on a genuine experience
  • #5. It’s about a different business

The reporting function is an important feature in the Trustpilot review community. If you misuse it, Trustpilot can block access to your business account and place a consumer alert on your profile to warn consumers.

How to delete company profiles from Trustpilot?

Trustpilot doesn’t delete the company profile. A company profile page is automatically created when someone searches for the company’s web address on the Trustpilot platform, or it can be added from the search results page. Once the profile page is created, consumers can start posting reviews about their recent experiences with the business.

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