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What is the best way to Manage with physician Rating Directory?

Review Sites Doctors, Hospitals, and Healthcare Need to Track. Before we look at which sites you should be monitoring, here are some interesting numbers worth considering:

• A staggering 94 percent of Internet users who have visited a doctor reviews site consider the reviews useful.
• 85 percent of patients are not comfortable choosing a physician if more than 10 percent of that physician’s reviews have a one-star rating.
• About 1 out of 3 patients use either industry-specific medical review sites or more general consumer review sites as tools for finding doctors or healthcare providers.
• 47 percent of patients who look up a physician online feels differently about that physician after reading his or her profile and reviews.

By claiming a listing on major healthcare review sites, healthcare organizations can increase their online visibility. Here are the 8 sites where a listing can attract more patients.

  1. YelpYou can claim a listing by signing up on the Yelp for Business Owners page. First-time Yelp listing owners should also take a look at Yelp business guide.

2. Healthgrades – Healthgrades ranks as today’s most trusted site for online reviews and ratings of doctors, dentists, and hospitals. The site lets users browse and find specialists by location, by specialty, by condition, and by the procedure. All in all, Healthgrades features over 1.1 million provider listings and seven million reviews and ratings. You can learn to claim and update your free profile on Healthgrades.

3. Vitals – Vitals’ database allows users to search by specialty, name, location, condition, and insurance. which features over 1 million physician profiles, 165,000 facility listings, and more than 9 million reviews and ratings. You can claim a Vitals listing by following the directions on the site’s signup page. On the listing, you can manage and edit information, including display name, practice address, specialties and expertise, and education and awards.

4. Google My Business – Are you noted on Google My Business? With Google taking care of more than 2 trillion searches a year, as well as almost half of those having local intent, it s risk-free to state having a regional existence for your company is significant. Getting a local service listed on Google My Business (GMB) as well as Google Maps is one of the fastest as well as the easiest methods to obtain a neighborhood Business to begin turning up for local search results on Google. To create or edit your listing on Google, visit the Google My Business page.

5. ZocDoc – To claim and manage your listing on ZocDoc – as well as enable instant online bookings and build positive reviews – go to the site’s “Getting Started” page.

6. RateMDs- RateMDs is home to over 2.5 million doctor ratings and one million reviews at the side of current health trends coverage and medical specialties info. It conjointly lists and rates prime hospitals and facilities across the United States supported review info like cleanliness and price. For individual suppliers, reviewers will give ratings supported timing, staff, helpfulness, and overall data.
Doctors and tending suppliers will claim their listings by clicking on the “Claim Doctor Profile” on the highest right of the site’s home page.

7. Signing up for gives you visibility on the sites across its network, as well as access to review generation tools, your practice’s own Showcase Page, and experienced practice consultants.

8. RealSelf- Providers can include multiple elements on their listing such as deals, links to third-party sites, and a Q&A section. Those interested in a listing can go to the site’s claiming page and enter information about their board certification, name, email address, and website.

Once you’ve created or claimed your listing, you can follow these best practices in managing your online Reviews.

Update your information. Always ensure that the information in your listing is up-to-date, accurate, and complete. Incorrect listings set up a bad first impression to patients, and it might convince them to look for another provider.

How to Remove Negative Patient Reviews for a Doctor?

After reading a negative review about your medical skills or practice, your first reaction will likely be, “How do I get rid of it?” Unfortunately, removing a negative review is not easy — due to legal protections provided to the review sites and to patients themselves. Bad reviews will happen to sensible doctors. It’s nearly inevitable: some patients square measure adversarial, some square measure upset concerning insurance reimbursements, some could have simply had a nasty day. you may even get negative reviews from ex-employees with a bone to select, former colleagues, or competitors. We’ve seen it all. In general, the rule of thumb is to be proactive together with your name and encourage happy patients to go away a review- it’s an easy thanks to building up a security internet of positive reviews that may offset a negative review if you ever get one. However, what if you’ve already gotten a negative review… or several?
First, stay calm. Once you’ve let the criticism rest for twenty-four hours and talked it over with somebody else, ideally somebody from our team, take into account if the review was valid and one thing you’ll address. If, when careful thought, you discover that it’s not valid, it’s time to deal with name restoration either with our team or on your own.
once you claim your profile their dashboard is set up nicely to assist you to manage your name.

We recommend hiding reviews based on the following criteria:

• If it’s clearly an ex-employee or competitor (telltale signs include talking about how awful the physician is to staff, details only staff would know, or saying another physician is better)
• If it’s divulging personal information about you (after hiding, alert websites staff through their contact page and they’ll likely remove the review completely, giving you back that spot in case you need to hide another review in the future)
• Especially negative reviews that are over a year old- by then, the reviewer has ‘moved on’ and will be less likely to retaliate with further negative reviews if they notice theirs is missing
In the case of current negative reviews, we often feel it’s better to address them. You can respond to the review by clicking the pencil icon next to it. Leaving a calm, coherent response that acknowledges the patient’s feelings and states your intentions of taking the negative review to heart in an effort to improve the practice often does a world of good in keeping things civil, and may even prompt the patient to delete the review.

How to Remove Fake & Negative Reviews From Healthgrades?

We Can Remove Your Fake Negative Healthgrades Reviews with 100% Success

  1. To remove fake and negative doctor and medical professional reviews from, we tend to suggest initial acquainting yourself with Healthgrades’ Community and Review pointers to know the kinds of content prohibited on their platform. once crucial if a review or piece of content violates’s standards, you’ll report the negative and denigratory review/content by:
    • Flagging a review and getting into the rationale why you think that it violates Healthgrades’ Community and Review pointers,
    • Contacting their client service team directly via an internet type or contact email,
    • Contacting AN seasoned net defamation removal lawyer, or
    • Sending a stop and abstain letter to the review (if their identity is known).
  2. once coping with pretending, negative, and denigratory reviews and posts on, doctors, and physicians ought to proceed with caution. At its terribly simplest, we tend to usually suggest against responding to malicious and negative online reviews. However, if it’s imperative that you simply do this, keep subsequent in mind.
    • Take note of your confidentiality obligations underneath HIPAA,
    • Do not reply to the review in AN emotional tone,
    • Use it as an opportunity to spin the narrative by addressing past positive reviews.

Healthgrades’ Community and Review Guidelines emphasizes their commitment towards upholding reviews with integrity and authenticity. Specifically, their Community and Review Guidelines page reads, “Attempting to submit false, misleading or inflammatory content is strictly prohibited. Before a review is published to our site, it must pass all verification steps and rules that govern content.”

So, what exactly are the criteria for constructive and valid content/reviews that pass muster on

Healthgrades urges posters and reviewers to consider the following:

  • Refrain from posting libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory content,
  • Don’t use profanity, obscenities, or discriminate against others based on race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or age,
  • Don’t post lewd or obscene content,
  • Don’t post deceptive, fraudulent, or misleading content,
  • Refrain from posting content that contains personally identifiable information (ex. Phone numbers, email addresses, etc…),
  • Don’t post links to your personal website,
  • Don’t impersonate other people or organizations,
  • Refrain from lodging malicious personal attacks against users and healthcare providers,
  • Don’t post promotional material that endorses specific companies or brands,
  • Don’t post highly confidential information pertaining to legal matters.

How to Remove Fake & Negative Reviews From vitals? is an online resource that exists to help individuals find healthcare solutions. It is free to both physicians and patients. Like many other medical review sites, is a trusted source of information for patients who are seeking the best medical care for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, because the majority of review data on the site is user-generated, it is possible for anyone to author incorrect and potentially damaging information about physicians and healthcare providers. Once you’ve claimed your profile in Vitals, when you login you will see a dashboard that allows you to edit your professional information as well as manage reviews.  You’ll see a “reviews” section in the toolbar on the left hand side when you’re in your dashboard.

Once you’re in the reviews section, you’ll see each individual review that has been left about you. It includes the screen name the person chose, a date, and the star rating & text of their review.  This is the section where you’ll be able to easily read through the reviews and respond when it makes sense.

There are lots of excellent medical professionals in the USA and Canada who receive fake reviews from competitors in their areas, from clients who do not understand their practice, and every once in a while a mishap does occur and you don’t have to be sabotaged by these things for the rest of your career due to what shows up prominently in search results thanks to

We have a few customized solutions that are designed depending on your needs as a doctor and how severe your ratings are on

Therefore, you should consider working with a professional who has a lot of experience if you are looking to get rid of negative reviews and save your online reputation instead of trying to handle things on your own. If you are looking for someone you can trust to take your reputation seriously and to bring forth results quickly, you should contact one of the professionals at SumoDrive for assistance.

We Can Remove Your Fake Negative Reviews with 100% Success

How to Remove Fake & Negative Reviews From RateMDs? ranks high on search results and your negative reviews will appear top of the list when a new patient searches your company or personal name.  If a false, negative review on has damaged your brand online, Reputation Resolutions can help restore your reputation.  Studies show that patients prefer doctors who respond to reviews. However, due to laws regarding privacy, it is not always possible to respond publicly. We recommend reaching out to the individual who posted the negative information and asking him or her to take it down personally. Since RateMDs does allow individuals to remove posts, rectifying the situation is often the best choice. We have helped thousands of healthcare providers and doctors redeem their online reputation successfully by removing all negative results that appear on and we can offer you the same high quality guaranteed results as well.

How can I Remove A Bad Google My Business Review?

How to Reply to Positive and Negative Reviews?

If you are interested in learning more about how ORM has used the above strategies to remove negative reviews and would like to discuss your situation with an “ORM specialist” fill out the form or email us.