How can I Remove A Bad Google My Business Review?

How can I Remove A Bad Google My Business Review?
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Bad reviews are always the biggest headache for Local Business Owner. Even one 1-star review showing on the first review page can drag your sales down like a nightmare…

Bad reviews are so important?

Let me share with you the Best steps we follow to make all negative reviews disappear from Google My Business!

1st Step: 

Don’t panic when you saw a new 1 star review.

Take a deep breath and read that review carefully. Think about these 4 questions:

  1. Is this review from your competitor or a real Customer?
  2. What makes the Customer unsatisfied?
  3. Did he/she say anything against Google Terms of Service?
  4. What’s wrong with this review?

2nd Step: 

To flag a review for removal:

3rd Step: 

Sometimes you could find Customer talking about issues not related to your Services or product quality in their reviews, like using dirty words that are against Google’s ToS.

If that is the case, you could simply GMB support to get the review removed.

If you find the review was written by a competitor instead of a real Customer, you can report this issue to Google My Business Team too. However, the chance of getting it removed is very low, unless you have strong evidence to prove this review was from a competitor.

If you didn’t manage to get the competitor’s review removed, you can jump to step 4th directly.

Most of the cases, negative reviews are from real Customer. In order to get those reviews removed, we must contact the Customer directly.

4th Step: 

If you closely follow the steps we take to contact Google My Business Team, you have a high chance to get that bad review removed.

If not, please reply to that review immediately to show your proactive customer service. Then quickly move to the last step.

Bad reviews Reply

Last Step: 

RemovalDetective offering Google Bad Reviews Removal Service. Get in touch with RemovalDetective Google Bad Reviews Removal Service via our quote form to discuss the right package for you.


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