How to Push down a negative link on Google?

How to Push down a negative link on Google?

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Removing bad links or like negative reviews in the search results will be tough but outranking that specific page is possible but needs consistency information to convince the users to consider your page content as well as the search engines.

Google made it less demanding for individuals to ask for query items expulsion. Be that as it may, much of the time, it doesn’t work.

Google just follow the query items which are a genuine risk to a man or on the off chance that it is taking another person’s computerized work. (Otherwise known as copyright encroachment) 

Thus, on the off chance that you have a negative query output on your name, you can request that Google evacuate it by filling this shape.

Google is strict with regards to the evacuation of a query output.

So ensure when you are contacting them for search result removal, include as much information about why do you want to get it removed. 

Additionally, if it’s not too much trouble remember that on the off chance that you attempt to control the DMCA procedure, Google can take legal action against you or your company.

On the off chance that that worked for you, congrats! If not, don’t stress. There’s still some expectation. You can get the negative query output to push down in list items.

What can we do to push down a Negative link or a Negative News on google if the site owner doesn’t respond to the news take-down request?

How to push down negative list items from google? 

1. Make a website 

Purchase an domain name on your brand/business name. 

Make a website and optimize it for your keyword which is affected by the negative result. 

Optimize on page SEO and enhance the page loading speed of your website.

Make backlinks

2. Make Social Media Profiles 

Make Social Media Profiles on your keyword.

Interlink every one of those social media profiles and pages. 

Ensure that you are utilizing one email to make this new data. 

3. Make web 2.0 online Blog

Blogs, for example, medium, WordPress, blogger, Tumblr and so on.

Improve them for your keyword. 

Make content on those web 2.0 web blog 

4. Write on High Authority Blogs 

Find top quality blog sites and news sites which are related with your professions. 

Pitch them an article thought that you think you are great at. 

Get your articles published on your name. If you are also trying to rank your site get a backlink to your site from that article as well. 

5. Make Powerful Backlinks 

When you have made positive content, it is the ideal opportunity for you to begin making them powerful. 

Make links on high-quality sites and interlink your positive content.

This can improve your positive stories ranking in search results, especially in Google.


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