How to write helpful shop reviews?

How to write helpful shop reviews?

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One of my favorite things to do whenever I visit a new neighborhood is to check out the local shops. I love to browse the shelves and sort through the clothing racks to find cool, unique pieces.

The reviews you share on Google Maps can help others like me discover great boutiques to go to. Here are a few tips for writing these reviews.

Include the types of items you can find there

Share details about the brands, prices, and quality. If the store sells all of its own merchandise, be sure to mention that too. You may also want to include where some of the items were made.

Share a review of a specific item you purchased there

What did you think of the item you bought there? Was it worth the value? Who would you recommend it to?

Describe the overall vibe

Add details about the layout, ambiance, and who the store attracts. For example, one shop might be great for parents with small kids while another might attract millennials with a green thumb.

Tell others what makes the shop special

Perhaps it has a knowledgeable and friendly staff who take customer service to the next level. Maybe every item is handmade by local artists. Or, maybe it’s the best place to find affordable jewelry in the area. Be sure to share whatever it is that makes the shop unique.

Add a helpful tip

Does the shop always have an end of season sale? Is it worth signing up for the newsletter? When is the best time to go to avoid crowds? Is it difficult to find parking nearby? Any advice you can share to newcomers helps.


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