4 Tips for Writing a Movie Theaters Review

4 Tips for Writing a Movie Theaters Review

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So did you just finish seeing a movie and you want to review the theater? Here are some tips to make your review a treasure-trove of useful info!

1. Getting the tickets

The first step to seeing a movie is buying the tickets. What was your ticketing experience like? Is it easier to get them at the theater, online, over the phone, etc.? Does the theater have any rewards clubs or discount days for certain tickets? Feel free to offer your opinion on what you think is the best way to buy them.

2. The looksound, and feel

Watching a movie is a very sensory experience, so it’s important to convey how it feels to actually be sitting in the theater. Was the image quality on the screens good? How about the sound quality?  Be sure to tell people about your comfort level as well. Were the seats those nice reclining ones? Did you have enough leg room? All of these details can make a difference in someone’s decision-making.

3. The snack experience

A very important aspect of the movie theater experience for a lot of people is snacking. Personally, I can’t sit through a movie without at least a little popcorn! So make sure you include information like the range of food and drink options, as well as how expensive they were. Do they have any deals people should be aware of? Are there days where there are special discounts?

4. The important amenities

As with most reviews, people will want to know about the standard amenities. Were the bathrooms clean? Was there enough parking? How wheelchair accessible is the place?

There are also certain theater-specific amenities you might want to consider. For example, do they offer closed captions? All of these details provide useful information to prospective Googlers.

[Note: Movie theaters are not responsible for the quality or content of the films they show, especially those that show major blockbusters. Google Maps is NOT the place to do a film/moviereview. Make sure your contribution focuses on the theater itself.]


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