How do we get happy clients to review us on Google My Business?

How do we get happy clients to review us on Google My Business?
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My business would not be what it is without Google reviews. You have to start somewhere to get these reviews because unlike other review platforms Google reviews are the most trustworthy and most searched regarding review websites.

The best time in the process to ask for a review is when your client is happiest with your product or service – either when you’ve just delivered it or you’ve achieved a great result for them.

You mentioned your clients leave you glowing feedback but don’t respond when you ask them for a Google review.

Next time a client leaves you a glowing review, I would take their feedback and re-write it as a review, then email the client and ask them if they would mind leaving you a Google review as it really helps your business online. Tell them you’ve written a review based on their feedback to save them time, and leave them a link to your Google business page. It’s possible to not only link to your Google review page but have the 5 stars option pre-selected (Google it).

You want to make it as easy as possible for them to leave a review so they can simply click the link and paste in the review you wrote for them based on their own feedback. Most people should be happy to do this.

Here are my recommendations based on what has worked for us:

1. Automate 
Have an automation set up that directly emails your customer approximately 7 days post-purchase. In the email kindly ask them to review your product. Make the email short and sweet and as personal as possible. This is the perfect window for Google reviews. Too early and you look desperate, too late and they’ll be less likely to write a review.

2. Direct Communication 
Don’t be afraid to reach out to them personally asking for a review. When you send them an email write something specific in it based on your previous conversation with them. “I wish you the best at your Spartan race back home…..By the way, if you can a chance it would mean a lot if you wrote a review about our product. These reviews help us attract great customers just like you.”

3. Website Widget 
Download the WordPress plugin called “Google Reviews Business” on to your website. It automatically aggregates your Google reviews. Purchase the premium version as it has its option for a dynamic slider section and “write a review section” that you can direct your automation toward.

If you want to talk about a working system for reviews and that actually feeds out properly to enhance your company results feel free to reach out at


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